Trends in same day courier delivery

 Same-day and next-day shipping:

Originally adopted by online retailers, it is now the norm for much of the industry, even as smaller retailers and operations struggle to keep up with the increased demands on their equipment, processes, and personnel. Operations large and small are all trying to figure out ways to meet the delivery options expected by customers—or else lose business to a competitor.

1. By 2020, ecommerce sales will account for nearly 15% of total retail spending worldwide.

2. Nearly half of consumers (44%) stated they were willing to wait for two days for orders delivered via fast shipping.

3. 57% of consumers shifted their purchases through online channels last year alone.

4. 56% of GenXers and 55% of Millennials prefer online formats to physical stores.

5. 41% of consumers are willing to pay a charge for same-day delivery while nearly a quarter (24%) of shoppers said they would pay more to receive packages within a one-or two-hour window of their choosing.

6. 70% of UK. consumers choose to purchase goods from one online provider over another because they provided more delivery options.

7. The high demand for same-day delivery cannot be overstated, however, most retailers are falling short of this expectation with just over 50% offering same-day shipping.

8. According to 97% of consumers, same-day shipping is considered “fast” while 95% consider next day shipping to be “fast”.

9. There is a significant gap between the number of consumers that want same-day shipping and the number of online retailers that offer it.

10. Retailers have an opportunity to better meet consumer expectations in other ways, including specifying the expected time for delivery, and using shipping options that allow for weekend delivery.