Organising same day pallet delivery is the ideal solution for retail now that it is opening up post covid.

Timely stock delivery is vitally important, more so now where businesses have a broad inventory across online sales and physical stores. By utilising same day pallet deliveries, retail businesses can respond quickly to demand and ensure that stock is always in the right place at the right time.

Of course, pallet delivery is also important for other sectors, from ensuring a consistent flow of parts and components used in manufacturing.

What is pallet delivery?

In short, pallet delivery is the means of movement of goods from one place to another, on a pallet. … This enables storage the goods at a single location and have them distributed by pallet company from a central distribution depot.

Variety of Sizes

When you need to get a consignment delivered that’s too large or heavy to be shipped via standard methods, then a pallet is the solution. Get a pallet service for the size and weight you need.

Pallet Sizes

Choose from a mini quarter pallet – up to 150kg – all up to a full 1000kg pallet, with plenty of other options in between.

Express courier companies have solid experience in same day palet delivery.