When considering the logistics of shipping a consignment, sourcing the right courier is vital.

Not all couriers are the same.

Some couriers specialise in particular items such as food stuffs and refrigerated goods. Others in larger consignments for shipping around the country and on to Europe and the rest of the world.

Then there are the specialists in same day delivery focusing on shipping everything from an important envelope to a large but urgent delivery. Some of these operate on a regular basis for regular time critical deliveries. To help avoid the risk of these vehicles then returning empty if  a return consignment is not available. These courier companies therefore offer ’empty leg’ journeys which are usually at a discounted rate to ensure all vans or trucks are fully utilised at all times.

Courier routes to and from London naturally feature heavily, as do regular deliveries and collections from other major towns and cities around the country with many strung out along the route of the M1 such as Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester and Northampton. This makes Northamptonshire a useful hub for courier companies being mid-way between these cities and London.