The world has changed in just a few months and with the advent of social distancing and video conference calls instead of meetings, same day couriers provide that vital physical link which the virtual technology can’t provide.

Services from Microsoft Teams or Zoom have taken over from physical meetings, but physical files or stock still needs to be delivered. Many of these are not planned long in advance and an on demand same day courier service provides the most secure way to ensure items arrive on time ready to be discussed in a virtual meeting. Items being collected straight from source and delivered direct to the final destination avoid multiple interactions which in the current climate are to be avoided. With clearer roads during the lockdown, couriered items face speedier journey times especially through built up areas such as central London. Although forced on us at the moment, elements of this ‘new normal’ are likely to continue long after the end of the current lockdown.

Same day couriers will continue providing a vital service.