Same day couriers are more common everyday, spreading all over the country, due to the rapid increase in demand, pushed by the rising rivalry of e-commerce. In the last ten years big retailers have grown thanks to online shopping, delivering home their products with their own couriers’ fleet. Thanks to their big sales’ volumes, major companies, like Amazon and Walmart, are planning to or have just implemented same day delivery between their service in the most populated areas of the country. Also due to high population density in UK and huge investments in logistic in recent years, they are able to support these services to their customers also if it’s not their core business.

Big retailer brands popularity and efficiency is putting high pressure on traditional courier business. In the last years we have attended a race to the bottom, where couriers companies have decreased their prices to be competitive. Insufficient earnings and lower demand has lead some couriers into administration, even bankrupt in the eventuality of City Link.

As market become more difficult, many courier companies are improving their efficiency, improving their logistic systems and investing in innovation to remain competitive with their rivals. Many are specialised in same day or next day deliveries, taking advantage of all their skills and competences in delivering business. With fast service, couriers can differentiate themselves from the majority of their competitors, but lately biggest retailers have been able to supply the same service for their clients.

However same day couriers can provide a better and dedicated service to their customers, thanks to their knowledge of the business.

With Phoenix Express clients can benefit from delivery service that will satisfy every requirement. We collect the consignment within 60 minutes, thanks to our access to over 2,000 drivers nationwide. We have three different types of service, depending on your needs: Premium Same Day for urgent deliveries that need to arrive to destination in the shortest possible time, and it requires a private transportation. Economy Same Day has the same benefits but ensure that our vehicles are used at their full potential, allowing our clients to save a 10% of the Premium price. Both these services guarantee that your delivery will be completed in work day time. Backloads is our basic offer, where deliveries are not urgent and not dedicated, having other goods on board, and they takes two to three days, but you can save up to 20%.

We are fully prepared for every size and shape of package, equipped for fragile consignment, and also medical and legal documents. Every vehicle is trackable, so you can verify the position of your delivery in real time. Moreover there are no hidden extra costs, all consignments in transit are fully insured and every deliver is managed by two fully trained men.

We distinguish ourselves for our European delivery service, that also includes same day consignments, for urgent deliveries and collections all around Europe in the quickest possible time, with the same price of our Premium service, plus sundries.

Phoenix Express is one of the most popular and reliable same day couriers in the UK, guaranteeing full confidentiality and great delivery services thanks to our many years’ experience, and always offering a starter offer discount and 10% reward for your next delivery in the month.