Using a flexible and creative courier is a must for all business owners who do not want to to get left behind the curve from what the majority of the new digital world provides.

Trying to take their businesses to the next level is not easy when tech giants such as Amazon, which is the largest Internet retailer in the world, already offers services such as on-demand delivery (their widely known “Amazon Prime”), while maintaining their low prices.

So when thinking of the future and the way to upgrade companies service as well as becoming early adopters, same-day delivery is one of the first innovations people think of; because of this, more fashion retailers are now introducing hour delivery slots and restaurants are giving the chance of choosing takeaway and home delivery as a way to eat food comfortably at home to try to compete with this massive trend of internet’s fast delivery.

As a consumer, in fact, you want certainty of being able to get an item quickly without having to wait in for the next-day delivery or without having to leave the house; therefore you use your newly-bought phone and download an app which allows you to get your groceries, clothes or electronics in the shortest amount of time without having to get off the sofa.

Other than home delivery, you can now also get your same-day delivery at collection points, with grocers including Asda, Tesco, Ocado and Sainsbury’s now giving shoppers the opportunity to pick up their internet orders in a place near home.

What all customers and shoppers ask for is then same-day, or even same-hour, delivery and mostly of all hyperconvenience (in other words very suitable prices for everyone) which is kind of difficult to achieve for small businesses.

This is why we have to think smart: so we can avoid smaller businesses to be overtaken by bigger Internet retailers.

Let’s use our minds and have some creative courier thinking for the future.