In the recent years, it has become consuetude waiting for your parcel in your home, you don’t need to go to shops anymore. Now, you can buy some goods on your sofa and after a few days they will come to your home. But if you need that your goods are delivered in the shortest possible time to another place of your city, U.K. and, of course, Europe? This service is called Sameday delivery.

In 2018 courier and express delivery sales reach £ 12.6 billion, up 12 % than 2017. Also, the volume sales increased: British sent 3.65 billion of packages in 2018, up from 3.2 billion in 2017.

There are more than 4,000 courier firms in the UK. Traditionally, the services that are carried out from these company are three:

  • Sameday delivery.The term of delivery is within 24 hours after the collection of the courier.
  • Premium offer.Typical premium offer is “Next Day Delivery” in which you will receive your good within next day after the courier collect it;
  • Non-premium offer.The terms of delivery are less rigid than the other ones but means that the delivery isn’t urgent.

In the past, Premium offer and Sameday deliveries were used, mostly, by B2B clients but, nowadays, B2C clients are increased thanks to online retailers that require this kind of services for their customers.

The article “Five Key trends for the coming year”, published in Logistic Manager on 18 December 2018, listed the top 5 trends in delivery industry for 2019. The delivery time has been positioned in first position, this explains how the timehas become important.

How many times do you have to bring urgently something to someone and nobody can’t help you?

The “time” is in the center of Phoenix Express Couriers’ vision for this reason it has created an offer focused on sameday delivery. You can choose the following services:

  • Premium Sameday. This service is for deliveries and collections requiring the utmost urgency, where you need your goods to be delivered in the shortest possible time.
  • Economy Sameday. Your parcel will be collected and delivered at any point during normal working hours.
  • European Sameday. The courier can collect your good and bring it throughout Europe in the quickest possible times.

Well, it’s fast but what kind of goods can they bring?

Doesn’t matter if you have to bring your passport to the airport, your house’s keys to your job, urgent document to your client or parts of mechanic plants to your supplier, Phoenix Express Couriers have access to over 2,000 courier vehicles across the UK so they can supply the correct vehicle, whatever your cargo and whatever your destination respecting sameday delivery term.