1. Ensure your delivery will be treated with priority. Your consignment should have its own, dedicated vehicle and driver.
    Will your delivery go straight to its destination? Phoenix Express deliveries are dedicated, from start to finish.
  2. Ensure your consignment insured. Insurance for same day parcels up to a value of £10,000 as standard, regardless of size; where consignments are of even greater value, arrange additional insurance to give peace of mind that your parcel is covered.
  3. Consider using polystyrene, bubblewrap and foam wrapping for internal packaging to prevent movement in the box.
  4. If you have any last minute delivery needs, you can count on a professional company for quick and stress-free services. The postal system certain can’t guarantee that for you. If you have an urgent delivery, a delivery service is the best choice.
  5. If you want a customised delivery, you will notice that professional companies offer services at great value for money. It works out really cost effective. If you have specific needs or requirements, you can let the company know of them and they will ensure they meet your every need.